Safe Saws-Thatdude

A. Wec is the constituent

B. “Wec demands more than $30,000 from Bosch for negligence, breach of warranty and product liability”

C. Consequence is the type of claim made by Wec

D.We have to ask why Wec desires an amount of 30,000 only from Bosh. It’s not logical on  Wec’s to only ask for money from Bosch simply because he doesn’t state what the cause was to his injury. It is also insufficient  that Wec only blames Bosch for his own mistake because it doesn’t state who is at fault, Bosch or himself.

E.  It’s negligent on Wec’s part because it doesn’t make sense for Bosch to pay for his mistake if it was his own fault or another the label company’s fault.

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