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Rebuttal Argument – madewithrealginger

We’re All Afraid Of What We Don’t Know Any new, disruptive technology will have its fair share of critics doing their best to limit its potential. And since Bitcoin is a new concept edging its way into the mainstream, it … Continue reading

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Self-Reflective Statement – madewithrealginger

GOAL 1: I used a multi-stage, recursive, and social process for my writing and took into consideration feedback from my instructor, classmates, and other readers. The writing process isn’t something that can be rushed. Good pieces of work take time … Continue reading

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Research Position – madewithrealginger

Forget What You Know Changing the way someone thinks isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m not talking about our opinions, or our beliefs, or our personal philosophies. No, what I’m talking about is the effortless kind of thought that … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – madewithrealginger

1. What is BitCoin? Background: CNN’s attempt to understand and explain the concepts of Bitcoin displayed in a very user-friendly article. The post includes basic instructions on how and where to safely buy Bitcoins. It also gives insight as to … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite – madewithrealginger

Our Currency Revolutionized BitCoin is the currency of the future. Just as the internet completely revolutionized the communications industry, BitCoin will completely revolutionize the global economy. The online currency is rapidly growing in popularity and will only continue to do … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite – madewithrealginger

Reckless Teen Driving In Explicit Detail The YouTube channel AdCouncil released a video about reckless driving in an attempt to get teenagers to be safer behind the wheel. The video begins by transitioning from a black screen to four teenagers … Continue reading

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